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Posted by Justin Masters
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The leaders in digital experience, Episerver, and experts in experimentation, Optimizely, have combined to become Optimizely. Here, we explore some of the questions being asked by our clients.

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How will this affect me as an Episerver customer?

There will be no immediate impact on existing Episerver customers – you will continue to be supported by your Episerver Account Manager, and your editor and customer experience of your current solution will remain the same.

What will happen to my contract with Episerver? Will I need to sign a new license agreement or software contract with Optimizely?

All contracts will remain the same as the legal entities of the business are not changing.

As an Episerver customer, do I now have access to all the features of Optimizely?

Speak to your Client Partnership Director at Netcel to discuss adding Optimizely products to your Episerver solution.


What does this mean as an Optimizely customer?

Optimizely customers will also continue to be supported by their Optimizely account team. Optimizely can still be used as a standalone product so you do not need to use the Episerver DXP to continue using Optimizely.


How will this affect the product roadmap of Episerver and Optimizely?

All products will still continue to evolve at pace, as they have done in recent times which is really exciting for customers. As an Episerver Platinum Partner and Episerver Partner Advisory Board Member, we’ll continue to ensure our clients are first to hear of any significant updates.


Can I still use the Episerver platform or Optimizely platform independently of each other, or do I need to purchase both platforms?

There is no need to implement Optimizely if you are a current Episerver customer, and vice versa, the existing Optimizely product will continue to be available as a standalone product for customers. Likewise, Intelligence Cloud remains as a standalone product, now with the exciting addition of Optimizely Experimentation. This means if you are on a different CMS or DXP to Episerver, you can still use Optimizely and Intelligence Cloud.


I have another question relating to Episerver or Optimizely – who can help me?

Netcel is a leading Platinum Partner of Episerver and Optimizely. If you’re a client, speak to your Client Partnership Director at Netcel for further information. If you’re not a Netcel client, then please contact us on hello@netcel.com or 020 3743 0100.


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