Knowledge empowers

Posted by Peter Aitken
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Whatever you do, wherever you do it, knowledge is empowering and helps to keep you ahead of the game. So after almost twenty years of managing project teams, it's still important for me to continue to learn and advance my skills and knowledge of all the areas of what we do.

So here are a few of my current favourites:

  • A blog I read on a regular basis is PM Perspective - Making a PM impact. It covers a broad range of topics but each post is entertaining, insightful and usually supported by an infographic or white paper.
  • The Top Ten PM trends for 2016 was a good read.
  • Another blog I use a lot is In Vision which supports the prototyping product with a fantastic range of articles on various areas of delivery. One article I enjoyed looked at the future of unified design techniques
  • Over the last couple of years, I have embraced the world of podcasts and one I love at the moment is In The Arena. It is a series of interviews with some of the best international experts on a range of sales, project work and time management related topics. David Allen, the creator of the GTD (Getting Things Done) methodology was on it the other day and it is a fascinating 45-minute chat about productivity, being Reactive vs Proactive and how and why he created it.

The important thing to stress is all of these recommendations are fun and although there is a work based angle to them, they are also really entertaining.

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