RSA Digital Summit: Empowering members, building meaningful connections and re-positioning the role of digital products

Posted by Dan Geoffrey
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How can organisations build meaningful connections with their audience through digital channels? Is there greater value in delivering a human-centric digital experience that can re-position the role of a website from being a product to a service? And how can a personalised digital experience for social organisations empower their members to become the changemaker they aspire to be?

The RSA has committed over 250 years to uniting people and ideas to resolve the challenges of our time. Each year, they host a Digital Summit to explore the impact of just some of the challenges listed above, and to look for solutions to create a brighter future for society as a whole.

At the most recent RSA Digital Summit, over 60 Fellows and digital experts convened to discuss how some of the world’s current challenges can be overcome through using digital tools and technology, and how digital advancements can support RSA Fellows and maximise their impact on society. Netcel helped facilitate the summit, encouraging attendees to share ideas as to how to deliver valuable digital investments and adopt a fellow-centric design approach.

The report from the summit is now available, and makes a fascinating read for organisations in any sector.

From recovering from a global pandemic that has sharply refocused how people connect and convene for change, to harnessing the power of data and technology in analysing societal needs, the report explores the value of digital technology investment and imagines what the RSA's digital future could look like.


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In recent years, The RSA has undergone its own digital transformation, partnering with Netcel to redevelop their website to attract new audiences, enhance member experience and increase the efficiency of digital operations.


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We're delighted to be working with Netcel who we believe are the perfect partner to help us engage and empower our growing Fellowship online; and to develop the digital solutions that will strengthen the impact of our research and spread further the progressive ideas we champion.

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