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What more would your users do if your website was Episerver powered? We’re ready to help your business transform

Whether your current website is built on another platform, or you’re looking to upgrade your existing Episerver website, our build of your new Episerver site will supercharge your business.

Netcel has been an Episerver Partner since 2005, with Premium Partner status since 2007. We’re experts in architecting and implementing Episerver solutions for efficiency, effectiveness and to drive business growth.

We want to enable your marketing and editorial teams to be efficient with their time. We want your business development teams to let the integrated technology do the heavy work. And we want your customers to be delighted with the ease of transacting with you. 

With over 50% of our client relationships starting as migrations of their existing websites, we work hard to build strong and collaborative teams. 

A new website build is a significant investment in the future success of your business. It’s an investment we don’t take lightly. There are lots of factors that contribute to a successful implementation. Here are the six key reasons above all others. 

A flexible toolkit
Blocks are developed as a toolkit to give greater flexibility for editors rather than relying on developers going forward.

Build for performance
Optimising both frontend and backend code to run efficiently.

Security and compliance at the core
Architecting systems and data structure to ensure appropriate security measures are in place, mitigating risk to your brand reputation.

Search Engine Optimisation
Ensuring best practice SEO setup and configuration is in place to maximise attraction.

Integration expertise
Understanding how Episerver integrates best with CRM, Marketing Automation, Payment and Fulfilment systems.

Transforming Metro Bank’s digital experience 

Metro Bank needed to transform its public facing website to more accurately reflect their vision, brand identity and service offer. The new site had to be fully responsive on all devices, and easy to update for content editors.

“Public reaction to the new website has been overwhelmingly positive. Visitors delight in a responsive, device-agnostic, intelligent and personalised experience that corresponds with Metro Bank’s acclaimed in-store experience." 

Joe Postle, Digital Propositions Lead, Metro Bank

The redesigned Metro Bank website has been warmly received by both users and Metro Bank clients alike. As well as its new appearance and improved user interface, the website has much improved performance, functionality and user experience, including:

Device agnostic - Fully responsive, adjusts to desktop, tablet and mobile displays

Performance - Pages load for 95% of users in under two seconds

Usability - Better content management, and an improved structure for brand governance

Accessibility - Meets W3C AA web accessibility standards

Confidence - Scores rose from 4.5 to 7.5+ in independent ‘Digital Confidence’ tests



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Experience design

Episerver’s personalisation tools will transform your users’ experiences and boost your results. We help unlock the potential of your site. 

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Whether upgrading to the latest version or building your first Episerver site, our Premium Partner status is your quality guarantee. Prepare to have your website transformed.

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