Episerver Migration

Committed to Episerver but need a new partner to support you? Read how we’ve helped other companies, like you.

Netcel’s experience in adopting responsibility for dozens of Episerver solutions originally designed and built by other agencies places the migration of your website into the safest possible hands.

Over 50% of our relationships have begun this way, and over the years, we have developed a trusted process for a smooth migration.

Why change?

There are lots of reasons why you might be thinking about finding a new Episerver partner. In our experience, most organisations approach us because they’re looking for:

  • A faster turnaround on estimates and implementation work
  • Team stability (not a revolving door of Account Directors and Project Managers)
  • Reassuring levels of quality
  • Better value for money / a higher return on investment
  • A proactive, strategic partnership where requirements are challenged and clear direction is given
  • Help unlocking dormant capabilities to realise the full potential of Episerver

What’s involved?

We recognise that transferring your websites and transitioning to a new partner can be a daunting prospect. How much will it cost? How long will it take? How can we be sure that the new partner will be able to support us under SLAs? These are just some of the questions you’ll have.

The main factors that influence the costs and timescales associated with migrating include:

  • The scale and complexity of the underlying solution
  • The standard of the code
  • The solution architecture
  • The availability, recency and standard of any supporting documentation
  • The willingness and availability of the incumbent partner to engage in handover discussions
  • The availability of your team to carry out user acceptance testing to verify that the solution has been replicated completely and accurately in Netcel’s environment

In safe hands

The technical migration, and indeed all of our Episerver development work, is carried out by our in-house team of Episerver Certified Professionals. And they’ve seen it all. From simple, well-documented solutions where the original build agency is open and professional in their handover, to sprawling solutions built by personnel who’ve disappeared, leaving no (or very poor) documentation behind! The turnaround time in the former case can be as little as two weeks, while the latter could take up to three months.

Regardless of which end of the complexity spectrum your transition project sits, the process itself has to be thorough, so that our team can offer support under SLA, and so that any future development work can be delivered efficiently. An upfront investment in the transition can pay dividends several times over. Without it, your new partner would be learning on the job, which would produce results at a slower pace, and at a higher overall cost.

What’s the process and what will you get?

Although the process of transition we follow is the same, we recognise that each business has different requirements. Here’s what you can expect:

  • We start with a conversation to understand your specific situation and needs
  • We review your source code and editor interfaces
  • We review any existing supporting documentation you have
  • We provide you with a code review document
  • We highlight any implementation and performance issues
  • We make remedial recommendations
  • We provide you with a clear brief for your Transition Programme (including indicative costs and timelines)

Migration Plus

Many clients wish to use the opportunity presented by transitioning to a new partner, to also review and identify enhancements their present websites. We call this our Transition Plus Programme.

In parallel with the technical transition, we will also conduct a broader business-level on-boarding process. This ensures we understand your strategic aims and objectives, your current systems and processes, preferred ways of working and in-house skill sets. On top of the smooth transition programme process, you’ll benefit from optimal support and direction throughout the relationship around road-mapping and other aspects of digital maturity.

We pride ourselves in being a trusted partner that will give strategic direction and challenge our clients. We go further to understand your business and customers so that we can give the best advice and support. 

Interested in our migration programmes? We’re happy to review your source code and editor interface for free, and without any obligation. Take the next step in your digital journey. Request your FREE consultation.



Committed to Episerver but need a new partner to support you? Read how we’ve helped other companies, like yours.

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Experience design

Episerver’s personalisation tools will transform your users’ experiences and boost your results. We help unlock the potential of your site. 

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