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You know your users, but are you using Episerver’s power to personalise the experience they receive?

Having successfully delivered hundreds of developments and builds, we understand what makes for a successful digital presence – your user experience.

When customers come to your site you have only seconds to influence them and an investment in UX can help to quickly gain trust, ensure user retention and drive actions.

Episerver’s new suite of smart, AI driven personalisation tools offer the capability to further enhance the user experience, putting the power of real time, data driven personalisation, across both commerce and content sites, in the hands of editors and marketers.

However, technology alone can’t deliver a successful user experience and at Netcel, we’ve fine-tuned our process into four distinct steps, with each one an important element for achieving your digital ambitions.

To ensure the success of your user experience, at Netcel we’ve fine-tuned our UX approach into four distinct steps, with each one an important element for achieving your digital ambitions. We’ll work collaboratively with you through each of these steps.

1. Understanding your audience

Defining key target audiences is our starting point. We work together to segment them into distinct groupings, to understand their motivations and develop clearly defined personas. Once we’ve come to know who the audience is, we meet with them to fully appreciate their needs, acknowledging that their expectations will be informed by the websites and apps they use in other aspects of their lives.

2. Comprehensive user testing

This piece of the UX process is task-based testing with a cross-section of the audience groups. While completing set tasks and user journeys, we track participants’ mouse movements and capture their thoughts, feelings and expressions via synchronised webcam footage.

3. Ideation

With a good grounding in how your audiences navigate and interact with your digital platforms and apps, we reunite as a team to generate ideas that transform the overall experience. We guide you through this part of the process, interrogating and analysing all the information we’ve gathered to review it through different user lenses. Constantly challenging ourselves, and the information at hand, we begin to shape solutions to better meet your business objectives.

4. Bringing it to life

The final phase sees the agreed concepts and solutions brought to life through a series of wireframes, clear art direction, and design mock-ups for stakeholder approval. Clickable prototypes are used to re-test with the target audience, using a mix of the original test subjects and a control group.

Collaboration is key and we involve clients in all stages, working in partnership to ensure we get the maximum value from the UX process.

Working closely with our clients and their teams, we share our digital expertise and UX knowledge to meet the objectives of the business. And by referencing facts gathered through a wide range of research activity at every step, we can all be confident in the final solution.

Optimising the digital experience for RICS

Our relationship with RICS started in 2014 when they migrated the support and maintenance of their existing Episerver website to us. We are now their strategic partner and our work has led to significant improvements in their online experience. 

Our first brief was to redesign the homepage to take advantage of our UX mantra to ‘Simplify – Prioritise - Signpost’ for the mutual benefit of the organisation and users. Workshops, research and planning resulted in the design and development of two new responsive versions of the RICS homepage - for registered and unregistered users.

Using RICS’s vast Episerver content repository, the solution uses the latest indexing technologies to deliver the personalised content quickly to the user, ensuring the optimum user experience. Netcel also utilised cookie-based technology to ensure that users can be served relevant personalised content throughout longer sessions, reducing the need for frequent log-ins.

The site now uses location data to deliver targeted content related to where the user accesses the site - especially useful in a sector where members might be accessing the site not just throughout the UK, but also throughout the world.

The improved UX has resulted in a 40% reduction in the number of calls to the RICS call centre, allowing operatives to focus on more progressive activities rather than addressing forgotten password queries.

The next area of the site we focused on using the guiding principles to Simplify, Signpost and Prioritise was ‘Training & Events’, This is the most complex of RICS’ digital offering, and an area with immense potential for improvements in user engagement and satisfaction, with 125,000 global members and over 500 events and courses available at any time.

The previous Training & Events user experience was complex and difficult to navigate and on top of this, the ability for users to book events or courses was often hidden, meaning opportunities to secure bookings, and generate revenue, were being missed. 

An in-depth user review, UX redesign and re-engineering of the online system resulted in a dramatically improved digital experience, with deeper user engagement and impressive results. 

18% increase in revenue 
295% increase in face to face training conversion
93% reduction in bounce rate

"From the initial response to the brief, all the way through to delivery, Netcel’s approach was creative, collaborative, flexible and most importantly, personable and professional. The solution delivered against the project’s objectives and we were extremely pleased with the results that have followed."

James Murphy, Former Director Global Communications, RICS



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Experience design

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