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Earth Day 2023 and Sustainability at Netcel

Saturday 22nd April marks the 30th Earth Day, an annual event that promotes awareness and appreciation for the natural world, and encourages people to take action to protect it.

We are proud to be supporting Earth Day at Netcel. It is an opportunity for us to raise awareness of the initiatives and activities that contribute to our environmental sustainability targets, a vital part of our ongoing ESG programme.

We are committed to creating positive impact through our business practices and the work we do for our clients. 

We strive to make a positive impact on the environment by minimising our carbon footprint and reducing waste in our operations. Through business initiatives and individual pledges, we are proud to be on a journey to achieve B-Corp certification.

As part of our Earth Day activities, we gathered our team together for a presentation and Q&A to raise awareness of our sustainability commitments and highlight the many initiatives that we are running to promote and measure sustainability at Netcel, including our partnership with Earthly.

Earthly provide a platform that enables us to measure our carbon emissions and identify areas where we can reduce our impact. The platform tracks emissions from different activities such as energy consumption, transportation and supply chain. And then provides recommendations for reducing our emissions.

We will also be partnering with Ecovadis, a Sustainability Ratings Platform that will provide a 360 degree look at Netcel’s sustainability and allow us to create an improved Carbon footprint report.

Further plans for 2023 and beyond, include Climate Literacy Training and launching an Electric Vehicle Scheme.

Making changes to day to day actions and activities can have a big cumulative impact. Our team are committed to adopting sustainable practices, reducing waste, and promoting energy efficiency

Here are some of the ways our team are reducing Netcel's impact on the environment:

  • Recycling, composting and reduced food waste
  • Re-homing retired work laptops and other hardware in return for a donation to our company charity, Samaritans
  • Using refillable bottles
  • Think before you print policy
  • Adopting more sustainable L&D practices through LinkedIn Learning and Optimizely Academy
  • Walking, cycling, using public transport or car sharing for work and personal travel
  • Turning off lights and devices when not in use/needed
  • Turning down the heating (that’s what our Netcel hoodies are for!)

Earth Day is a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of sustainability, but at Netcel it is a focus for our team every day.  To find out more about sustainability at Netcel: Sustainability at Netcel



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