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B2B buying has entered a new era of digital adoption

Optimizely Configured Commerce

Shift to a profitable business-to-business (B2B) digital buying experience
  • Simplify complex B2B buying journeys

    Deliver consumer-level digital buying experiences to keep customers coming back for more

  • Invest in what makes you different

    Let a purpose built B2B platform do the heavy lifting – meaning you can reallocate your people to make human connections and add value

  • Make data-driven decisions

    Open new channels, address new markets and deliver data driven recommendations to your customers

Introducing Optimizely Configured Commerce
  • Digital experience is now a key differentiator for B2B organisations

  • As consumers we are accustomed to intuitive online shopping – seamless experiences, harmonised touchpoints, rich content, and B2B customers expect the same.

    The opportunity is now for B2B organisations that can adapt and evolve in response to this expectation. Purpose built to help companies early in their digital journey, Optimizely Configured Commerce is configurable and extensible platform that can scale as your business grows. The content, product and ordering engine is built with a deep integration architecture that seamlessly connects to your business systems, uniting your commerce in one integrated system. 

Since moving to Optimizely Configured Commerce, B2B companies have seen dramatic differences in the way their clients make purchases:
  • Increase in orders after 1 year
  • Uplift in online sales
  • Reduction in call-centre volume
  • Fewer touchpoints required per order
  • Increase in volume of orders purchased online

Deliver more profitable B2B digital buying experiences

B2B organisations have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to mature their digital offerings and deliver the seamless, personalised online buying experiences that today’s B2B buyers expect. Download this guide to discover how Optimizely Configured Commerce can help your business to deliver more profitable B2B digital buying experiences.


Building a digital platform for AF Group smart procurement

Netcel partnered with AF Group to help transform and evolve how they make a difference for their members. The new digital platform is enabling members to quickly find the products they need, place orders and repeat orders efficiently, when they need to, wherever they are and on any device.

“Our goal is to build a digital platform that helps us to improve the AF Member experience by creating an online channel to enhance our customer journey. From day one Netcel have grasped what we are trying to achieve and understood the importance of putting the AF Member experience first. This is a large scale and exciting new project for AF and we are pleased to be working with a committed and experienced partner in Netcel."

- Samantha Barrell, Head of Technology, AF Group

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