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Digital Product Strategy and Value

Digital product strategy

Our expert digital product strategy team collaborates closely with you to define objectives, prioritise features, create timelines, and identify opportunities for quick wins and innovation to ensure successful product launches that drive successful outcomes and growth.

Digital product roadmap

Our comprehensive digital product roadmap services will help you to strategically plan and execute your digital product development. We collaborate closely with you to define product goals, prioritise features, create timelines, and identify opportunities for quick wins and innovation to ensure successful and efficient product launches.

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Technology strategy consulting

Our technology strategy consultants will help you to make smarter technology investment decisions against a set of platform selection criteria that will enable a roadmap to bridge the gap between digital ambition and technology reality.

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Digital discovery & planning

By understanding your objectives we help you to develop strategies to unlock opportunities through successful digital product development. Informed by extensive research and analysis, we deliver actionable insights, user-centric designs and detailed roadmaps to ensure effective project execution that balances quick wins with longer term transformation.

Data analysis & insight

Data analysis & insight

We place data, insights and measurement at the heart of everything we do. Working closely with you, we define a set of Outcomes and Key Results (OKRs) that align with the business objectives. We then review these alongside other market insights to enable evidence based and responsive decision making to ensure your digital product achieves your desired outcomes.

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Data Audits

Discover opportunities for enhancing performance and inform decisions for digital product road mapping through a detailed audit of your data. Our team work with you to conduct a comprehensive assessment of your data assets, processes and security. The results help to identify data quality issues, compliance gaps, and potential risks, leading to improved data management, enhanced data accuracy, better decision-making, and increased data security to inform your digital strategy and product roadmap.

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We put data at the heart of the decision-making process to fully leverage Optimizely's data and functionality, enabling Charles Russell Speechlys to target digital investment in the areas that deliver behavioural personalisation to deepen engagement with users and drive conversions.

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