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User experience design & prototyping

We test the flow of a design solution and gather feedback on it—from both internal and external parties - before making changes to your final product. The state of a prototype is fluid as our team revises the design iteratively based on user feedback.

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UX & visual design

Central to the success of your digital product is a user experience that is built on a prioritised understanding of what your users need from you at the various stages of their user journey – across site navigation, IA, visual design and content structure – ultimately creating a design system.

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Experience blueprinting

To provide clarity of goals and ensure a streamlined development process, together we create a strategic plan outlining the development, features, and design of your digital product to create a roadmap for the entire development process.

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User testing

Our team apply a structured and proven testing approach to gather insights from a range of participants. We plan relevant scenarios, and execute tests on various devices. Observing users' interactions, we analyze their feedback, behaviors, and preferences. The insights are collated into reports that focus on actionable insights to optimise your digital product and user experiences.

User research and segmentation

User research & segmentation

Stay ahead with our comprehensive strategy for digital success. We analyse your market, target audiences, competitors and comparitiors to deliver a tailored digital product roadmap.

Personalisation strategy

Personalisation strategy

By helping our clients to define the appropriate levels of maturity for personalisation, from basic segmentation on a single data point to true individualisation based on real-time behavioural data, we have been able to map outcomes to personalisation capabilities.

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NCA website

Find out how we personalised NCA's digital experiences to support online safety for young children

Our team delivered a tailored, age appropriate experience to encourage users (children aged 4 – 7) to complete specific tasks on NCA's thinkuknow website.

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The activities on the new site are a lot more interactive and engaging for children. The new set up means we have a lot more control over the text on the site, we are able to adapt and change content as necessary to reflect our priorities. The editing process on the old site was a lot more restrictive and complex. We are also able to restrict the content provided to children of different ages to make sure all learning is age appropriate.

Sophie Jones Education Manager, NCA
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