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Could poor user experiences be losing you business?

Phil Heywood

Even if you think your website is performing well, are you sure there aren’t aspects of the user experience that might be losing you business?

Just like a leaky pipe, the causes of user attrition are often difficult to locate and you may not know what to look for. Your marketing team may be doing a stellar job of attracting people to your site, but you’re not maximising your digital investment if you lose them before they complete the transactions that bring you most value.

In our experience these ‘leaks’ are often small, but can have serious impact especially if they have compound effects on important user journeys.

Our UX Audit programme is designed to detect pain points, identify the nature of any issues that affect your users, and create a plan for resolving them.

Using a combination of experience and best practice, as well as optional extra evidence gathering - such as user interviews and testing - we back up our observations with an indication of what the impact might be, a hypothesis for solving it, and our recommendation for next steps.

So you will not only have a clearer understanding of what’s going on, but our view on how serious it is, what the solution might be, and how you can go about fixing it.

We frequently adopt this process early in design and build engagements, and it’s one we have successfully completed for many of our clients, including those in the charity, financial and legal sectors. As a result, we’ve embarked on programmes of improvement ranging from simple ‘quick wins’ to more extensive UX and visual redesigns.

Would you like more information about how a UX audit could benefit your company? Read more here or get in touch - we're happy to answer any questions you may have. 


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