Prioritising digital investments to solve global challenges

To thrive in the exponential pace of change, Ocean Insight required new ways of working, discovering, and creating. Here’s how Ocean Insight placed digital customer experience at the heart of their business, to continue to evolve, putting unprecedented technology and information systems in the hands of the world’s most ambitious scientists, engineers, and businesses.

Ocean Insight, the global leader in Applied Spectral Knowledge (ASK)— innovative spectroscopy hardware, software, and on-demand data delivery to unlock the unknown, is working with partners in science, research, and business, towards healthier people, a resilient environment, and a more peaceful world. The business is part of the FTSE-100 listed Halma group of companies.

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A mission to use digital to solve real world problem

Ocean Insight engaged Netcel at the start of their business transformation journey with aspirations to pivot from a product-driven to a purpose-driven organisation focused around sharing knowledge and know-how to navigate a complex world. The business had a core aim to open up new conversations and markets through answering some of the most challenging questions facing our planet today such as “How can we sustainably feed a growing world?” and “What are the solutions to cleaner air and water?”.

Netcel was initially engaged in an advisory and strategic capacity, to support the development of a business case for investment in digital experience including ecommerce. The business case would form a core element of a broader business transformation programme for the organisation. A re-brand and new website would be vital tools in enabling Ocean Insight to better communicate their mission to solve these real world problems and deliver significant growth in revenue.

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Creating a business case for digital investment

A key pillar of the transformation programme was Ocean Insight’s digital platform was to improve communications and increase transactions using digital channels. The existing ecommerce system had limited capabilities, a poor user experience, and an underdeveloped online product offering.

Ocean Insight engaged Netcel to provide assistance and support in developing the business case for digital investment. Following a full immersion in Ocean Insights strategic objectives and business transformation plan, Netcel undertook a digital technology evaluation which looked at a range of digital experience and commerce platforms including WordPress, Kentico and Episerver, rating these across key factors including ecommerce capability, content management, personalisation, security and total cost of ownership.


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Achieving the perfect harmony of content and commerce

Alongside technology evaluation, and to support the business case further, Netcel conducted customer journey mapping and website concepts incorporating the new Ocean Insight brand to help articulate the vision to senior stakeholders, so to gain their buy in and support the case for investment.

Through using a tried and tested ROI modelling tool, potential ecommerce revenue across different scenarios were constructed to assess the total cost of ownership of the new digital platform, along with the payback period. This demonstrable return on investment aligned with the ability to seamlessly blend content and commerce and its powerful personalisation capabilities resulted in Episerver being selected as Ocean Insight’s new digital experience platform.

Top considerations from Ocean Insight CCO

For organisations looking to transform their digital customer experience, Henry Langston (Chief Commerical Officer, Ocean Insight) provides three areas to consider when selecting a partner to support you on your journey. 

He said:

"Finding a partner that is willing to work closely throughout the whole process with you is invaluable. We were looking for more than just a delivery partner and Netcel worked with us from the very beginning of the project, helping us to define our digital strategy and build a business case to support investment.

Collaboration is key in a multi-agency world and Netcel’s experience, willingness and ability to work effectively with our other agencies (brand, content, SEO etc.) was a key factor in the project’s success.

Finally, we wanted a partner that was willing to be challenged….and to challenge us too. Netcel did this professionally throughout and weren’t afraid to ask the difficult questions and conversely weren’t afraid of being challenged themselves. All done in the interest of delivering the project as successfully as possible."

- Henry Langston (Chief Commercial Officer, Ocean Insight)

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Launched in late 2019, the new digital solution has enabled Ocean Insight to deliver their new business positioning and brand, and provided a platform for digital storytelling to guide buyers on their purchase journey, alongside delivering a class leading ecommerce experience to customers.

Anticipated results within 12-months of launching:

  • 100% increase in average order value
  • 400% increase in online revenue

Netcel have been real partners throughout the process, not only working with us to define what good looks like for digital experience but also collaborating with our internal and external partners to integrate our broader brand transformation. We've worked together to co-create the vision then execute it.

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