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Creating personalised digital experiences to support online safety for young children


Outstanding Outcomes
  • 630 + completion certificates downloaded since launch

  • 401% increase in average session length*

  • Improved editorial control and efficiency


NCA wanted a new website that delivered a tailored, age appropriate experience, to encourage users (children aged 4 – 7) to complete specific tasks, which include, completing informative, safety games to earn certificates. The core objective of the new site is to teach young children about online safety.

The team also wanted to improve editorial control and efficiency to keep content up to date and relatable to children using the site.

What we did

We built a new visually stimulating, website that delivers interactive, age appropriate content for the specific audiences between 4 and 7.  Upon visiting the site, children are presented with different educational games tailored to suite their age. The games help to educate children about online safety, and once the child has completed a game, they can choose to download an image they can colour in.

Our robust quality assurance process ensures that the site performs to a high standard and delivers the right content and journeys for the specific audience.


  • Completed journeys: Over 630 completion certificate downloaded i.e. children successfully completing journey
  • Session length: increased from 1m 57s to 6m 44s since launch*
  • Improved editorial control and efficiency: More flexibility and ease of editing to ensure content it is up to date and to control the look, and user experience*.

*compared to previous site

The activities on the new site are a lot more interactive and engaging for children. The new set up means we have a lot more control over the text on the site, we are able to adapt and change content as necessary to reflect our priorities. The editing process on the old site was a lot more restrictive and complex. We are also able to restrict the content provided to children of different ages to make sure all learning is age appropriate.

Sophie Jones Education Manager, NCA
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