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Posted by Tom Denbigh
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To help companies better engage with their customers, Episerver are offering Content Diagnostics, deployed in just 30 minutes.

To quickly adapt through changing events over the coming months, businesses must rely on digital content to rapidly inform their stakeholders and better engage with their employees, customers and partners and truly understand how users are interacting with their content.

However, measuring the impact content marketing is having to engage and convert audiences has always been a challenge for marketing teams, particularly in relation demonstrating ROI to justify investing time and resources into content development.


Episerver Content Diagnostics

Episerver has developed Content Diagnostics to equip resource-stretched content teams with fast, actionable, and real-time intelligence on how well their content is meeting the needs of their visitors.

This is a free product based on Episerver Content Intelligence – the market leading content analytics, aggregation and customer insights product – and enables businesses to:

  • Better understand the content needs of their audience
  • Rapidly respond to any changes in the market
  • Maximise the effectiveness of digital content

Episerver Content Diagnostics is a standalone product that both existing and non-Episerver customers can take advantage of.

Deployed in just 30 minutes

Content Diagnostics can be deployed in just 30 minutes via a single tracking script on the website. As part of the package, Episerver are offering 24/7 access to the web-based analytics dashboard built and a personalised 30-minute workshop to explore initial insights gained.


The offer from Episerver includes:

  • Real-time Content Audit: Enables businesses to gain an understanding of their overall content landscape automatically tagged based on Episerver’s Natural Language Processing capabilities.
  • Real-time Engagement Insights: Highlights exactly which topics are most engaging for website visitors and tracks how interests change over time.
  • Prescriptive Content Strategy: Helps content teams clearly see where to focus their valuable content production resources at the topic level to address content gaps.


How can I take advantage of the offer?

Content Diagnostics is available for Episerver customers for one top-level domain website with up to 250,000 unique visitors per months. The offer is free for three months, with sign up ending on 30 June 2020.

Speak to the Netcel team to discuss how we can add Episerver Content Diagnostics to your solution so to understand the impact your content is currently having, and how to plan your future content strategy to best engage your website users.

Accelerate your content strategy

Get in touch to find out how Netcel can accelerate your website content strategy via hello@netcel.com or 020 3743 0100.

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