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Episerver releases - Fall 2015 update

Posted by Justin Masters
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Episerver have released updates that offer improved CMS, Commerce, Forms and template functionality. The updates, nine in total, are officially numbered 80 through to 89.

CMS updates

Improvements have been made to Projects, the feature that allows users to easily make and manage a number of content changes across a site. Projects were introduced in Spring 2015.

New functionality includes:

  • The addition of a new activity feed, providing collaboration between editors, which allows commenting on the project as a whole or select individual project teams.
  • Notifications allowing editors to receive emails when someone replies to your comment or tags you in a comment.

Commerce updates

Improved Marketing functionality is being rolled-out. For now, new Commerce Campaign features are in “beta”.

  • An improved interface for creating and managing campaigns and discounts.
  • Campaigns allows marketers and merchandisers to time bound a campaign, specify the target market and revenue, and link the campaign to an analytics tracking code
  • The campaign overview displays the latest information about campaigns and their performance in cluding the number of orders and the associated revenue.

Forms updates

Replacing the XForms functionality, a new forms add-on has been made available. It employs a simplified, standardised, user interface.

  • Form creation is now “drag and drop” with a block-based approach.
  • Can use several simple forms to build a progressive profile of a site visitor for marketing purposes
  • Forms can be pre-populated and personalised with data from other marketing automation platforms

Instant templates

With the new Instant Templates capability, content editors can create their own re-usable templates. This allows editors to create content once, and then use it in multiple ways - enhancing productivity.

  • Create a library of reusable components (i.e. blog posts, news items, videos).
  • Access rights to templates can be restricted.
  • Still in the early stages of development.

Sharepoint and Office 365 Connector

The Digital Experience Hub (DXH) is Episerver’s name for the product’s pre-built connectors for business applications such as SharePoint or marketing automation platforms. The Fall release includes full support for the latest release of SharePoint.

Further information on all updates and bug fixes can be found at Episerver World.

Get in touch

We hope that you found this round-up of the latest updates useful. As an Episerver Premium Partner, we’re constantly exploring and testing the platform, then sharing our knowledge with our clients.

For a chat about the latest Episerver features and updates, please contact us at: hello@netcel.com.

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