Netcel & Episerver partner to launch new digital platforms for frontline industries in 10 days

Posted by Rosie Stano
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Netcel and Episerver are collaborating to enable essential frontline services to communicate crucial content and information through a rapid website deployment package. We’ll get you live in 10 days so you can focus on serving society during this difficult time.

In light of the global coronavirus crisis, together with Episerver, we are offering healthcare, education, public services and not for profit organisations an accelerator to rapidly deploy a new digital platform, live within just 10 days.

This will help frontline industries to:

  • Increase speed of content and information to key audiences
  • Implement a secure platform that will scale as demand increases
  • Meet unprecedented increase in digital demand
  • Provide new services to individuals
  • Respond quickly with the latest information
  • Implement new channels for remote communication


The new digital platform for frontline industries is based on the Episerver Foundation platform. The out-of-the-box user experience of Episerver Foundation is quick and easy to customise and deploy, enabling organisations to serve more of their users, more efficiently on a scalable and robust platform.

From facilitating educational institutions to provide new online services to hospitals launching new patient portals and helping charities cope with overwhelming demands for their services, we’re here to help digitise the services of vital organisations as quickly as possible, so you can focus on serving society during this difficult time.


How Episerver addresses the changing needs of frontline industries

  • Scalable, reliable and secure: As organisations face an unprecedented increase in digital demand, Episerver enables digital communication without disruption, and is able to handle unexpected spikes in traffic. With 24/7 Business Monitoring, your site will be optimised for fast page load times and overall global site performance.
  • Guaranteed support: Episerver is easy to use, maintain and deploy new content to. With year-round, 24/7 technical support and guidance from Episerver’s rapid response team, you’ll be able to focus on your essential business operations, and not troubleshooting digital problems.
  • Built for speed: Frontline industries need to provide new services to individuals and respond quickly with the latest information via new channels for remote communication. The Episerver platform eliminates all bottlenecks to respond to changing customer demands and rapidly evolving business continuity requirements.


How Netcel helps healthcare, education, public services and not-for-profits

As the longest standing and most experienced Episerver partner in the UK, Netcel has many years of experience working with a wide range of charity, not for profit and public sector clients including Age UK, Asthma UK, NSPCC, Houses of Parliament and other public sector organisations. Our deep sector knowledge means we understand the unique challenges facing frontline services and the role digital plays in enabling these industries to better serve their beneficiaries, donors and patients.

Netcel clients

Here’s how we can help

We’ll get your new digital platform launched in just 10 days – from start to finish. Our fixed price, accelerator package includes all the core capabilities of the globally scalable Episerver content management and search platform (Episerver Content Cloud), hosted on the robust and secure Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure.

The accelerator package has a customisable out-of-the-box user experience which we’ll style to meet your branding. With drag-and-drop functionality, you’ll be able to create new pages and digital experiences that are automatically responsive.

For efficiency, we can deploy a default content pack with a prebuilt site structure, so that all you’ll need to do is amend the content. The accelerator package also provides the option to deploy Microsoft’s Healthcare Bot service, to help organisations respond to inquiries, screen patients, and free up critical care resources.


Exclusive offer for frontline industries

  • Episerver Content Cloud including cloud infrastructure, content management system and search. Complimentary for the first 3 months.
  • Episerver Rapid Response Support Team, including 24/7/365 priority support, and the Top-level Priority Response Time Incident Support, upgraded 99.9% SLA. Included in the package for the rest of 2020. 
  • No additional charges for sudden peaks in traffic, either anticipated or unexpected, for the rest of 2020


Additional Services

We are also offering the following optional services to supplement the base accelerator package. These include:

  • Priority Support – Rapid response to urgent issues to help you complete tasks you can’t resource fast enough in-house.
  • Information Architecture Guidance – Customer/user journey mapping to help you define the right structure, navigation and content for the new website.
  • User Experience – Create the best user experience with the accelerator package to meet your users’ unique needs.
  • Design Services – Branding, style and digital guidelines created for the site, for organisations without digital brand guidelines in place, to deliver a consistent experience to your users. We can also assist in the sourcing of imagery for the website to refresh and optimise your site on an ongoing basis.
  • Copywriting – Content creation to generate insightful and informative copy and messaging to engage your audience.
  • Content Population and Migration – Resources to rapidly populate the content of the website so you can be faster to market, and fixed-price content data migration, to seamlessly transition your content assets across to Episerver Content Cloud.
  • Help & Support – Help your users quickly find the information they need with a more feature rich Help & Support section of your site such as Artificial Intelligence powered responses to end user queries to provide them with the most relevant response.
  • Chatbot – Additional chatbot functionality to bolster the Help & Support section of your website, and reduce calls to your call centre.


Get in touch to discuss how Netcel can help frontline industries rapidly serve their customers not only through this current situation, but as the world begins to recover, to meet continually increasing demand for vital information.

Get live in 10 days

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