How will the recent acquisition of Idio affect Episerver customers?

Posted by Rosie Stano
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Episerver acquire Idio

Episerver recently announced their acquisition of leading content personalisation and analytics company, Idio. But what does this mean for existing Episerver customers? And how does this distinguish Episerver from other digital experience platforms in the marketplace? We've answered our clients' most commonly asked questions.

What is Idio?

Idio is a technology platform that enables organisations to deliver 1:1 content personalisation at scale via digital channels, through providing individualised content to users.


Who are Idio?

Founded in 2006, Idio is a leading provider of content analytics, aggregation and customer insights technology and aims to automate marketing complexity to increase customer engagement and accelerate revenue for enterprise organisations. In 2017, Idio was named by Forrester Research as a Breakout Vendor.


How does it work?

Idio’s technology enables you to become more customer-centric by enhancing website user journeys through leveraging predictive analytics. Idio uses customer data to predict the interests and intent of every individual user and in-turn, automatically delivers hyper-relevant content to better engage the customer.


How will Idio benefit my organisation?

Idio users are able to use real-time content analytics to better understand their customers and build a more informed content strategy as a result. This will enable you to understand how users are interacting with content and apply intelligent personalisation based on user profiles.

This is especially useful for large B2B organisations who have vast amounts of content and varying personas, as typically it can be difficult to personalise messages at scale.


Who currently uses Idio?

Numerous global leading companies use Idio to maximise buyer engagement and pipeline. These include Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Salesforce, Tata Communications and Fitch Ratings.


What results are customers achieving with Idio?

Leading global technology solutions provider, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, enable their customers to make IT more efficient, productive and secure. Using the scalable and automated personalisation capabilities of Idio, Hewlett Packard Enterprises now deliver individualised content from a resource of over 13,000 articles and gated assets to their website users.

By showing more relevant and valuable gated assets to their users, Hewlett Packard experienced:

  • 126% increase in content engagement
  • 207% increase in unique clicks
  • 219% increase in form fill conversions


We struggle to prioritise and produce content in a timely manner – how can Idio assit?

Intelligent analytics can inform the content topics you should be producing to better engage with users. Idio empowers marketers to constantly re-evaluate their content strategy, using the meticulous machine learning capabilities of Idio to discover content topics. This can result in the reprioritisation of content topics and help surface previously unconsidered topics.


Can Idio improve our content strategy?

Idio is able determine sub-topics highlighted in your content to enable self-learning by giving a website editor feedback as they write. This helps you to put the best content in front of the right person at the right time, while requiring the least amount of manual intervention.

For example, a travel company can monitor the topics and locations a user is interested in and use these insights to feed more relevant content to the user. Idio will also improve the effectiveness of your content teams by informing them where the demand for new content lies, in order to further improve the customer experience and allow your internal teams to operate more efficiently.


How can Idio improve our customer experience?

Powerful analytics and insights takes the guess work out of which content is best to deliver at varying stages of the online customer journey. For example, a new website user will be shown a set of thought leadership pieces to introduce them to the organisation. Depending on which pieces they interact with, they will then be shown the most relevant articles, events and other content to best guide them on their online buying journey, all powered through automation.


How does Idio give Episerver a competitive advantage?

In recent years, Episerver has heavily invested in the platform’s commerce capabilities, improving the purchase journey through functionality such as AI-driven product recommendations. The acquisition of Idio further accelerates and deepens Episerver’s existing content personalisation capabilities.

Episerver has a unique position in the digital experience platform marketplace for smart content personalisation as the only leading Digital Experience DX platform to offer a complex level of content and commerce personalisation, which will only be strengthened as the integration between Episerver and Idio is tightly integrated.


Am I eligible to add Idio to my existing Episerver solution?

Yes, all existing Episerver users are able to use Idio as an add-on and you’ll have instant access to the Idio platform and its capabilities. Further advantages will become available to Episerver customers once the integration with Episerver advances.


How can I find out more?

Netcel and Episerver will be holding a joint webinar in early 2020, looking at Idio in further depth, including a demo and exploration of the benefits and results Idio can enable Episerver customers to achieve. uses cookies to make sure you get the best experience possible on our website. You can review our cookie policy and learn how to change your privacy settings on our cookie policy page. By continuing to navigate this website, or by clicking the button below, you hereby accept our policy regarding the usage of cookies as detailed in our cookie policy.