Windows Server 2008 end of life is fast approaching - But what's next for Episerver users?

Posted by Tom Denbigh & Dan Geoffrey
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In January 2020, Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2 will reach their end of life, meaning that customers on either of these versions of Windows will no longer be supported by Microsoft.


What does this mean for your Episerver CMS?

If you’re on a running a legacy version (Episerver version 7 and below) post January 2020, you may be vulnerable to new security threats and malicious software bugs that will not be fixed.

While the clock is ticking, fortunately it’s not too late to upgrade or migrate to a supported platform before you open your site to these potential risks.

We’ve summarised three key options for Episerver customers running on the affected Windows servers, with the benefits ensuring:

  • Risk mitigation - Latest Episerver hosted on the latest version of Windows Server
  • Future-proofed - Take advantage of Episerver's roadmap, research and development


Option 1 - Upgrade to the latest version of Episerver with current functionality

Perhaps the most straightforward option for Episerver customers is to upgrade your website to the latest version of Episerver and host on the latest version of Windows Server. This would enable you to retain your site’s user and editor experience whilst benefiting from the features of more up-to-date versions of the platform.

  • Shortest implementation phase 
  • Lowest implementation cost 
  • Requires no content migration
  • Additional Episerver features, including flexible page templates and blocks, can be introduced over time 
  • Provides opportunity to rationalise page templates, at a later date


Option 2 - Re-build your Episerver website and migrate to the Digital Experience Clpud Service (DXC)

Option 1 is a good solution for customers wishing to take the minimum action to protect their site from security issues. There is however the opportunity to go a step further and re-architect your site to be compatible with Episerver (DXC), hosted on Microsoft Azure. Through moving to DXC, you can take advantage of many of the great new features of Episerver’s fully managed, cloud-hosted solution.

Rather than attempting to upgrade the existing codebase, this option provides the opportunity to re-develop the solution according to Episerver latest standards. While you’d be looking at a higher initial investment, this approach will require a lower, ongoing maintenance overhead that could potentially lead to a lower total cost of ownership.

Advantages of option 2 include:

  • Content migration will be handled by Netcel
  • Additional Episerver features, including flexible page templates and blocks, can be introduced as part of the project 
  • Provides opportunity to rationalise page templates as part of the project


Option 3 – Re-build your Episerver website on DXC while increasing new functionality and improving user experience

Building on the benefits of option 2, option 3 introduces new templates and functionality to improve your digital customer experience and truly future-proof your digital estate.

Advantages of option 3 include:

  • Content migration will be handled by Netcel
  • Access to the latest Episerver features such as CMS, Commerce, Email and Personalisation
  • Provides an opportunity for a complete brand refresh and major styling change


Looking for more detail...?

The following versions of Episerver will definitely be affected:

  • Episerver CMS 6 R2
  • Episerver CMS 6
  • Episerver CMS 5 R2 SP2
  • Episerver CMS 5 R2 SP1
  • Episerver CMS 5 R2

The following versions of Episerver may be affected:

  • Episerver CMS 7.5
  • Episerver CMS 7.1
  • Episerver CMS 7


Who can I trust to migrate my Episerver site?

We understand that to undergo a migration project, you’ll want to be in safe hands. At Netcel, over 50% of our new client relationships have started as transition projects. We’re experienced in helping companies in your situation. Carried out by our in-house team of Episerver Certified Professionals, we’ll guide you through our tried and tested process for a smooth migration and help you realise the full potential of Episerver. As one of the UK’s leading Episerver partners, we’ve worked with clients such as Metro Bank, Age UK, RICS and Farrer & Co to migrate them from legacy versions of Episerver so that their digital estates are no longer at risk and enable them to unlock the full power of the Episerver platform.

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