Episerver releases - Summer 2015 Update

Posted by Justin Masters
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Episerver have released updates that offer improved CMS, Find and Commerce functionality. The updates, 19 in total, are officially numbered 61 through to 79.

CMS updates

The content comparison functionality introduced in the Spring '15 release has been updated. It can now highlight to editors the individual properties that are changed between two content versions. The feature is available in the All Properties comparison view, but not yet within the On-page view. An indication of the number of changes across the different tabs within the All Properties is also available.
Content Projects, first introduced in the Spring '15 release, has been enhanced by the addition of a “project bar”, improving user experience. Content Projects allow editors to publish multiple content changes across pages, blocks, images and products when Episerver Commerce is part of the deployment. The project bar simplifies the user experience of working with content Projects, allowing editors to easily create new projects or switch between projects.

The project bar also includes an overview function, allowing editors to quickly see content items that are part of the active content project. The overview also allows editors to quickly mark multiple items as ready to publish. In a similar vein to the overview, a project items navigation pane has also been introduced, allowing editors to quickly see all content items that are part of the active content Project.

Other new CMS features introduced by the Summer '15 release include:

  • Content Projects are placed centre-stage by the default removal of the more traditional workflow functionality in Episerver. The functionality is currently still available if required.
  • Dynamic properties are now disabled by default and are being gradually phased out of the Episerver platform as a legacy feature. They are still available in the background if required however disabling dynamic properties improves performance of the platform.
  • Disallowed content types (pages, blocks) will be greyed out within the editor interface to aid editors to determine which content types they can add to regions as defined by restrictions configured within a solution.
  • Within the blocks and media gadget, the search functionality has been developed to allow editors to quickly operate on the corresponding search results. For example, being able to select to directly edit a block without having to open the item in the primary view.

Commerce updates

The Commerce system has been enhanced to allow status changes associated with orders to trigger events in the background. This allows easier integration with other systems such as order tracking systems. The “triggers” could be as simple as an order being placed on the website or a status change such as payment settled.
Search results within the catalogs gadget have also been improved to support drag-and-drop from the search result list, into other content in either CMS or Commerce.

Find updates

The interface within Find has been enhanced to clearly show whether content configured as Best Bets is unpublished, scheduled (to be published) or expired. The status changes as content is published, perhaps as part of a content project, or expires.
Also for Episerver Find, a new customisable search block has been introduced that allows filtering of content based on a combination of criterias including search query, content root and content type(s) amongst others. Editors can also specify the number of results to list, whether to display the description, a heading for the block and whether to incorporate best bets within the listing.

Further information on all updates and bug fixes can be found at Episerver World.

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